Pepper Papad

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Manji is an Indian brand dedicated to providing the world with the finest and most authentic Indian food. We believe in preserving the traditional flavors and culinary techniques that have been passed down through generations in Indian households. With a commitment to quality, taste, and convenience, Manji brings the richness and diversity of Indian cuisine to your plate.


At Manji, our mission is to introduce people from various cultures to the true essence of Indian food. We strive to create a memorable dining experience by meticulously selecting high-quality ingredients, employing traditional cooking methods, and offering a wide range of authentic Indian dishes that cater to diverse palates. We aim to become a global ambassador of Indian gastronomy, showcasing the country’s culinary heritage and promoting a deeper appreciation for its flavors.

Product Range:

Manji offers a vast array of authentic Indian food products, carefully crafted by our expert chefs and culinary artisans. Our product range includes millet, lentils, flour, instant mixes, ready-to-eat meals, spices and seasonings, snacks, cooking oils and more. We ensure that each product captures the distinctive flavors, aromas, and textures that make Indian cuisine so unique and cherished worldwide.