About Us

Asijah Europe is a family business that was founded in 2006 out of love and passion for authentic Indian food. With a small dynamic team, we are constantly looking for quality products to supply to supermarkets and retailers.

Our versatile range consists of premium quality Indian food products which we deliver to retailers in several European countries such as Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

We import our products directly from prominent producers in India.

We offer you the most varied articles such as rice, millet, lentils, herbs, spices, and much more.

Asijah Europe is the main importer of the brands Chakra, Native Food, Madras Munch, Sakthi, Aachi, Ruci, Idhayam, L.G, Nilaa, GJ Global Herbs, Pavithram and Anil from India. The total assortment includes more than 1000 articles.