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Welcome to our website!


Asijah-Europe, your wholesale dealer in Indian and Asian products with a spacious and versatile assortment for entrepreneurs in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. 

We offer you the most varied articles such as; rice, herbs, spices, and much more. The total assortment includes more than 1000 articles. Purchase happens at home and abroad in a professional manner. Our specialized procurement team guarantees quality, exclusivity and, above all, increasingly a competitive price of the products. Also, we are constantly looking for innovations, firsts and scale. The assortment is updated monthly. 

On our website you can find a selection of the products we have to offer. In case you need any more information or if you should have any questions please feel free to contact us any time.

Our customer base includes wholesalers, retail supermarkets, restaurants and retail stores.
We arrange the distribution, free of charge*, with our own vehicles in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg & Denmark. The delivery to locations outside these areas will be outsourced to transport companies.

* Delivery of goods, under conditions, are free of charge